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All web sites with high graphic photo content are hard to navigate on a cell phone and you may not be able to download & view all of our available puppies if your cell phone is over two years old or if you have low internet speed. 


Adoption pets start at $975 and can be marked down as low as $99.00 when available.

Discounted price pets are also listed on the Deal of The Day page and can be found anywhere on our web site.

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Free Puppy Starter Package!

When you take 5 minutes to submit an application on a specific puppy before coming.

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Free Puppy Information At The Bottom Of Coupon Section.

FYI: If you are looking for a Mothers/Fathers Day or Birthday Puppy you may want to consider buying early.

We are in peak season and puppies will be harder to find during gift giving holidays due to the shortage and demand for puppies during the Cornavirus Pandemic. Puppy peak season is September - July.

Also beware of puppy scams they are at their highest during gift giving holidays. 

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All new puppies are listed at the starting price by size & breed

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Personal Pet Transport Is Available Only For Price Option 1 through 3

For a limited time 

Starting @ $1875.00 anywhere in the United States.

Price will depending on location.


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